Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Non Sense Nonsense

I started this blog because I thought that If I forced myself to write down something everyday then I would have to think about something meaningful everyday.
So far, it happened that something happened everyday that gave me enough meat to throw up a post. But I'm starting to realize that even though I think of a lot of things everyday, I can't bring myself to write down clearly most of it, and also, a lot of the same things re-occur a lot of the time. So I decided that I will start a little experiment. I will be tracing my daily thoughts to find a pattern, because I have been drifting towards a little theory that says that thoughts come in phases depending on our state of mind which in turn is affected by outside circumstances and events in our lives. Also, I have found that thoughts often connect to one other, at times least expected, perhaps through our own associative willing but maybe because of something else as well, and I guess I am trying to find that out.
So I will write down everyday for a week bullet points of thoughts that crossed my mind during the day, and I will do this once a month, so I can trace changes and constancies, and find out what affects the way I think.
I will start tomorrow though, because I don't remember what I thought about today anymore.


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