Friday, October 23, 2009

Its Blog Half-Creator Day, Yea!

On October 23, a very very long time ago, it was around the year 3009756 before zilliplawshlfou had reigned guawnidlibtik and been murdered for preposterous posts, a little boy was born. He was named Luke, and his parents couldnt seem to be able to provide the basic necessities of living in their little blob of purple rubber and green doored home, and it got cold in their little planet often, for lack of red burning-abled spaguettishlfou (yes it had been zilliplawshlfou who had discovered this magic medium and so it was named after him) and so they decided to give luke a second name, and they called him warm, and thus our beloved lukewarm came into being on this planet at this time and so today we happily rejoice at the occasion of his existence and wish him a happy happy happy happy happy birthday!!


Maya said...

Happy Birthday Lukewarm :)

Zen said...

Happy birthday habibi!!!! :*

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