Wednesday, April 07, 2010

If you're bored then you're boring

I was at a wedding recently. It was really nice. When the papers were signed and bittersweet jokes about the iron clad bond of eternity in front of god had been made someone while shaking my hand told me "You're next!".

I'm not sure if I read this in another blog or if it was a comedian or a book, but I remember someone talking about this same exact situation and I had the same exact reaction. It was as if I was handed a death sentence.

I'm next! But I don't want to be next! I'm not  ready! And Even if I was, now I don't want to go through with it till someone else does it just so you don't feel smug about your prophecy. I'll be waiting at the next funeral to tell them the same thing.



Yasmina said...

Its not premarital sex...if no one will marry you... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yasmina said...

oh and i think it was ivy that wrote something similar a couple of months ago but it was more like oh you're 20-something aren't you getting married soon?

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