Thursday, July 08, 2010

sweet sassy molassy

It turns out the teenagers of the world were right, unmade beds are better!

In an article published about a week ago "researchers" discovered that leaving your bed unmade would kill off dust mites and leave you  healthier. It was also found that an untidy bed decreased your chances of being called a douche and raised the probability that you would get laid.

When asked for comment the 20 year old scientists said "Far out man, like this is going to change the whole power relationship bra" Experts expect that this small chink in the armor of parental authority, long suffering from the vagaries of self help books and Dr. Phil, may be what ultimately brings down parenting as we know it.

Carol (not her real name) a mother of three voiced her concern that all these studies are jeopardizing her hold over her children "first the beds, next it'll be the toilet seats, before you know it we'll be lucky if they pick up their toys and get potty trained!"

Already several revolutionary groups have formed and dismantled in their parent's basements at the time of publishing. While no official statement has been made yet, we have been informed that possible names for these groups may be "chad's group" "The fart rockets" "dick cock vagina" and "The most awesome group ever".


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