Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I'm always weirded out when Lebanese people who I hardly know call me Habibi. I mean it's ok when your grandmother calls you Habibi, but when the clerk at the store you bought chocolate from thanks you using this loving appellation it can get kind of awkward.

Take for example this sweet old lady sitting in her dimly lit shop, You pay her for your purchase and she replies "merci habibi"

Or some guy on a mobilette on the intersection "Yalla Habibi!"

Or the guy who jacked your car and your meeting in bekaa "Habibna!" (plural?)

Or the bank teller telling you its your turn "tfaddal Habibi"

A caveat of the Habibi rule is that it is NOT OK to kiss an attractive woman just because she calls you her lover. Good thing sexual harassment laws haven't come far in this country.



Maya said...

Haha it's the same with me!!! Can't stand the "habibi" w moushta2eta: 3ayne is widely used as well... some use hayete, rou7eh...

lukewarm said...

I think the weirdest one I got was a "Ya 2albi". It seems downright disingenuous! But if you're a lonely single guy, sometimes its all you've got to keep you going. Not that I would know or anything.

JOESBOX said...

LOL there is To2borni one so annoying,hope you will not meet those people with 3elki style lol

poshlemon said...

Enjoy the love! lol

Anonymous said...

it's so annoying. I once wrote something about this subject

lukewarm said...

Wow dodo, great post, I like what you wrote, it's very true.

Gaby said...

Cant stand it either!
Had a new lady at work (u know the har2a type)
The first day she throws at me several habibis and then sprinkles the hayeteh around as well...Annoying!!!!

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