Thursday, May 13, 2010

Irony is

Starbucks running out of coffee. Apparently the factory in Kuwait belonging to Al Shaye3 the famous Kuwaiti mogul who owns everything from H&M to tasty diapers burnt down to the ground. Being someone who does not drink coffee I was not affected by this development and enjoyed my crispy caramel fappucino with the side of guilt and blood on my hands of Columbian orphans. but I can't help but feel that the business of a coffee store that doesn't have coffee won't but be affected by this turn of events. It's weird that this wasn't featureed in any of the news services.

Is this the work of Israeli boycott activists? probably not, they are too busy holding up signs and protesting in the streets in 5 day old unwashed hemp bags.
 Maybe they should try sitting there

That is all.

Oh God! Look at those thick framed glasses.


Anonymous said...

The factory is actually in Amsterdam for the Starbucks coffee for Europe and the Middle East and actually its not a factory its a roasting plant. So the problem is the flights from Europe because of the ash. And they source their coffee from sustainable farms (so you dont have to feel guilty)
How do i know this : i visited the plant and now am an avid *bucks Drinker
oh and for the record, the number of *bucks in Israel: 0 yes thats right ZERO
so for all the starbucks bashers do your research and get a life!

lukewarm said...

Wow. Thank you great informative voice from the internet. Snopes in fact confirms you.

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