Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advertising. What is the meaning of cool?

A lot of times these advertising agencies use words like cool or hot or I guess any word pertaining to a measure of temperature or temperament. I feel like the gap between the people receiving advertising and the advertisers is never going to be covered in Lebanon. Cool doesn't really describe something that is appealing and attractive any more, sparkly shining diamonds isn't much better (I'm looking at you mix fm)

An example of good advertising is the recent Oldspice manmercials.

You know what I did after I saw these bad babies, I went out and got some damn old-spice. Mother-fucking old-spice! the brand I used to think only my grandfather and scary cat ladies used.

Turns out it's average, just as good or bad as any other product out there trying to fill that market, but goddamn if they keep churning ads like that I'm going to keep buying their shit.

I'm on a horse.

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