Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gather round children

We have some important news.

You may have noticed that posts over here have come to a grindingly slow pace in the past month, and we are aware that our one year anniversary is also coming up on the 4th of July! (We hear that they are preparing quite the celebration for us in America). As a result we have come together and decided to put some effort to resume some form of frequent posting.

In fact I have decided to go on a life-changing regimen that should grant me superpowers within the next few weeks.
As you see above in the image with a needlessly large white space at the bottom, I mean business. Though admittedly the fact that I have already failed 70% of the items on the list as I am writing this post does not bode well.

I will do it!

Inspiration for this came from a sketch by stand up comedian Demitri Martin feel free to adopt your own system as you see fit. And now I leave you to finish reading a book and my celebratory bottle of wine for every book I finish reading.



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