Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lukewarm Ehtiopian Air-line crash

It was a gusty day as I was taking a brisk walk down the beach with my jacket flapping behind me. The wind was whipping salt sea spray into my eyes, it stung.People on the beach were scavenging for pieces of the plane, wallets, toilet seats, Plastic. Tanya Mhanna is on TV talking about helicopters lifting decapitated bodies, a psychologist on Manar talks about the importance of seeing the body for the grieving process, Zaven still looks like a gay pedophile if that makes any sense. Families of the deceased are told to submit their DNA for compatibility tests. People sound off comments on how the blackness of the pilot is at fault. Sounds like one of my posts, but it's not. You know shit is fucked up when I'm the voice of reason.


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