Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti brought it on themselves

In a recent T.V. appearance Pat Robertson, some old white fart who almost ran for Republican American presidency in 1988, said that the earthquake in Haiti happened because god was punishing the Haitians for making a deal with the devil to get rid of the French.

I do not envy That news presenter

Now aside from the fact that Pat Robertson has the brainpower of a Fujitsu laptop running Windows ME, just picture the fucking lengths people are willing to go to, to get rid of the fucking French!  A deal with the MotherFucking Devil! More power to you Haitians more power to you! Hell if I had those Smelly, onion loving, pit licking, homeboys in my backyard I'd sacrifice anything to get them the hell out. I'd sacrifice my first legitimate born child to the devil if I had to.

But Wait! there's more! It just came to me that we here in Lebanon were "under the heel" of the French ourselves. And if the Haitians were too primitive to get rid of them without divine intervention, then what of us! And then it hit me! That's why we went through the civil war! Of course! Beshara Khoury and Riad El Solh sitting in two separate Jail cells being interrogated by the French for hours! Only demonic aid could have
gotten them through that ordeal!

Talk or we'll shove this somewhere unpleasant... your mouth!

Anyway One civil war later and we're stilling paying our debt back to the devil. I reckon with the maths done those days we still have about half a million souls due by the turn of this decade. One way or another he's going to get them...



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