Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crest 3d!

Back up, Back the hell up!

Is that some Crest Super 3D whitening?!
Fucktits shit it is!
Just look at this suave motherfucker. Look at it!

You know you want to buy the fuck out of that shit!
It's white and red and makes you smell like Jesus H Christ!

Look at that ergonomic design, I know you wanna spread this shit all over your toothbrush!

You can fucking squeeze it in the middle or at the tip it don't care. Hell you can even place it on its head when you're done.

Sweet mother of fuck! 3D! That is Freshness that crosses the space time continuum. This shit is so awesome you could go back in time and fuck yourself in the ass for this tooth brushing experience. GOD DAMN!.



lulee said...

If I may...a one-up.

Your 3-D toothpaste will be futile. Muahahahaha!

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