Saturday, March 13, 2010

A month in pictures and words

Paris is Ugly in Winter.
Notre Dame de Paris, February 2010

I'm late. Relatively to Charles Garnier

Boulevard de L'Opera, Paris, February 2010.

Red is beautiful. I don't hate it anymore.
Opera Garnier, Paris, February 2010.

The marriage of Old and New is often made through glass. Architects should not be afraid.

Pyramide du Louvre, Paris, February 2010.

I prefer ruins to monuments.

Tour Eiffel, vue du Trocadero, Paris, February 2010.

Families are awesome. Some more than others.
Rhone, Lyon, February 2010.

Bouchon Lyonnais, February 2010.

Red tiles make all the difference.

Beauty is Truth, Truth is beauty. Beauty is mobile.

Contemporary Beauty
Parc de la Villette, Bernard Tschumi, Paris, February 2010.

Ancient beauty
Nike of Samothrace (Victory) at the Louvre, Paris, February 2010.

Italy is as disordered as Beirut. Mediteraneans :)

Duomo, Milan, February 2010.

Repetition creates difference. Sometimes.
Venice, Italy, February 2010.

There's no place like friendship.
Venice, Italy, February 2010.

Things are always best unexpected.
Canal Grande, Venice, February 2010.

Priorities. I should learn mine.
Barakat Building, Sodeco, Beirut, March 2010.

All photographs by Yasmina Chami.


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