Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don we now our gay apparel

I was driving home tonight and I noticed something very odd.

There was no traffic! It was 8pm and during my entire drive from Ain EL Mrayseh to I only slowed down once! And that was to wipe the blood off my wind-shield.

What's more  I couldn't find one decent Christmas song on the radio! To be fair I mainly listen to pop music and I don;t have any religious stations on my speed dial, but I found myself resorting to Nostalgie to  get a decent Christmas tune! NOSTALGIE!!! The frenchiest mc french french station around! What the hell you guys!

I guess it's clear that Christmas is on a downward spiral, many years from now your Children will be singing along to the sweet soothing tunes of Sean Paul and Lady Gaga. I'm glad I'll be old by then and I'll be able to molest all those little shits.

VAult video:
Results in google of looking up "Christmas gay"


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