Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know your poo


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For more fascinating facts go to this gem of a website:

"We are an unusual bunch, we Poopreporters, are we not? We think poop has humorous merit. And it does, as our great and powerful leader, Dave, has said so on many occasions:
Poop is funny.
It’s funny in the morning; it’s funny during lunch; it’s funny in the evening; and it’s sure as shit funny right before bedtime.
This website receives five thousand hits every day from people who think someone eating too much chili while simultaneously not having enough toilet paper is hysterical. You, fellow poopers, are not alone. Do not think of your delight in the intellectual appreciation of potty humor as setting you apart from the cubicle drones who so brazenly invade your liberated status with obsequious office behavior—those who swear that they have never, ever, pooted. No. Instead, think of it as rescuing you. It frees you from being one of the unflushed masses. (If they existed, I bet scientific studies would show that being able to laugh at a PoopReport lowers your statistical chances of being a total asshole by over twenty-five percent…)"

I especially liked the subscribe to poop news section.


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