Friday, February 26, 2010

Put your faith in the youth

How many of you guys have heard some older person say they're putting their hope in the next generation.

You know what old people who have given up. Fuck you!

No, do not put your faith in the next generation. You have clearly fucked us over in this deal and are handing us the short end of the stick. Stop being so defeatist and lazy, get off your fucking asses and take responsibility for your douche baggery. There is no excuse why your generation should give up and burden change and hope on our shoulders(Yes that burden is used as a verb). Hell the reason why we are in this shit hole in the first place is your fault. Man up cause if you're not we're just going to collectively stick you in a retirement home.

Here is a gratuitous image of Salma Hayek in a Bra.

What, like all of a sudden you guys aint alive anymore, you're not interested in improving your lot. So you figure you have twenty more years to go, meh why bother. You know it's for attitudes like this that they invented suicide. Age is a matter of mind, you're only as old and depressed as you think you are. Jeez you guys are such downers, I'm getting out of here I can't let all this negativity get to me before I've grown up.
Colbert Nation is best nation

(This monologue no to be performed in front of terminal patients with cancer)



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