Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Am I not a pervert?

I take pride in knowing that I am a pervert. I am one of those people that seem to find sexual excitement anywhere I look, I mean I can actually get off by merely looking at a fucking power outlet!

"oh yeah baby!"

Recently something happened that made me question my status, this has me deeply concerned, shocked to my very core even. I could always take comfort in my being a pervert. It was one of the constants of my life. Now ... I just don't know.

The reason I'm saying this is because well, I recently went to a public beach in Spain, and as I was settling down to enjoy the sun on my towel I look up and I'm confronted by a set of fucking titties! At first I'm like holy shit fuck! Then after looking around I realize that many women had opted to go topless.

Now you must understand after spending countless hours as a teenager struggling to get a peak of some massive mammaries on Lebanese swimming pools and beaches, this was a scene straight out of my youthful fantasies.

But then to my shock and horror after surveying the beach for a bit, I realized that there was nothing sexual about the titties! It was like, fuck! Now that they are out in the open they're not that exciting! I was so frustrated! I mean there were the titties I had so coveted for years and I wasn't even getting a little Charlie Dixon in fact the fucker acted all cool and was like meh fuck this shit!

Shit!@&# fuuuuck!!!!,

I didn't give much attention to quotes about the brain being the biggest erogenous organ but turns out they are right. I lay down on my towel surrounded by topless women wondering whether at that moment a small part of me had died.

Guess Islam had this one thing right, If you want to increase sexual enticement cover up the women, it'll be much more exciting. Having them run around naked just ruins the fun, fuuuck.

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Hanzala said...

you were in spain??
btw now the options are : funny or interesting ??only! hahah it seems that u have recieve many negative democratic! :P

lukewarm said...

lol :) It was a decision taken by all the members of this blog :p anyway I thought I'd rather not give that option :).

lukewarm said...

After seeing your comments I now know that removing that option was the right thing to do :)

Thx for reading you guys

Ramzi said...

it's so true btw.. in marmaris i had the same experience with the topless women... it's sad

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