Monday, August 31, 2009

Septemebr cometh

As some of you may have noticed the month of September is fast coming, and being the only month that starts with an S I have decided that the entirety of September shall be a no swear month.

Now don't think you will be better off for it and know that I look forward to February!

On another note, my quest to find a job has yet again proved fruitless. Partially due to the fact that this quest is performed almost completely in my bedroom on my laptop.

I am feeling a bit frustrated especially when in retrospect I realize I have next to naught in skills to show for. It has been 2 months since I have last been employed, and a good 20 years since I've been born and my best skill remains my perfect white smile.

and the ability to pull off the smug asshole look

Most career options have turned out to be dead end streets. It's obvious from this blog that a career in writing or creative works is doomed to failure, I have no mechanical savvy, and my social/people skills are to say the least mediocre.

pictured above: average response to my attempts at human interaction

I don't want to end up serving tables especially since I already have a degree. What's really frustrating is finding out that in order to find work you need contacts, and connections, and to put it frankly I'm as connected as a limbless war orphan.

That's just depressing, well this is also depressing but not in the same way.

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Yasmina said...

"pictured above: average response to my attempts at human interaction"
HAHAHHAHAHAAHAH i can't stop laughing at this...

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