Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sperm Free Chewing Gum!

I was listening to the radio today and I heard an ad for chewing gum being marketed as Sugar free!

No fucking shit! That's like saying that the local swimming pool is cholera free, or that your hypodermic needles are sterile.

I think we're past the point when sugar free chewing gum blew people's heads off. Waaay past.

Hell at this point you could sell your chewing gum as being made with real sugar and still get a bigger boost in sales from saying that it's sugar free. Seriously the boat on Sugar free gum being a marketable attribute has sailed. Hell it's already sunk and is resting at the bottom of the pacific atlantic with the fucking titanic.

So for next time remember marketing department, some things deserve to be retired.

Now having some hot girls walk around sponsoring your product, that still works!

Vault: A REAL marketing tool

Fresh young boys o_o


Anonymous said...

um...the titanic is located in the Atlantic. Hence Rose...the english minx that seduced Jack to his watery death.

Hanzala said...

in the logo of ur blog there is only bazella, wen l rez? hehe

Yasmina said...

we're on a diet, thats why...

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