Friday, November 06, 2009

Do you love your pets?

Are you a religious God-loving person?

Do you take comfort in knowing that you have lived your life according to the religious laws, and that when the time comes you will be rewarded with eternal salvation?

Does it bother you that your beloved family pet, will be stuck on a fiery doom bound earth with no one to take care of them after the upcoming rapture?

Worry no more friend!

Eternal Earthbound Pets have an answer to your problems.

They have contractually found Animal loving atheists who are willing to cater to your pets long after you have passed on to bask in the holy light of our god and saviour!

Pictured Above: One of our committed employees hard at work

let's just google animal lov... oh dear.

For a small fee you too can enjoy a stress free eternity knowing that back on earth the sinners are being put to good use taking care of those left behind!

You can now enjoy the tormented screams of all those who didn't hear your dickish calls to reform in the park without having to worry about any beloved soulless pets that have remained behind.

If anyone in Lebanon would like to come to an agreement please do not hesitate to contact me.



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