Thursday, November 19, 2009

I can't look at the vagina post any longer

I wish sometimes that time was not fluid, that i could stop it and look at it and escape from it or from life for a bit. It just seems that time goes faster than me sometimes and I can't do anything about it. The present is only the present for a second and then its already past. And If I'm too tired to do something about something right now its already too late and the more I'm late the more time passes and the more its late.
I just mean that sometimes its a bit sad how time passes by so fast not only because its fast but also because its irreversible and then the past is gone and its sometimes its so gone its like it never existed. And since we can never stop and never slow down and never pause and never go back then we're always moving forward and the only thing to hope for is the future so the past is nothing and it means nothing and it can do nothing and in a way its not even there anymore.
So then its useless and meaningless and then our whole lives are meaningless or not as important as we think because we live in a present that will be past in a second and then this past doesn't matter anymore when it becomes past because the only thing about to happen is the future and even that is not important because by the time it comes it will be past.


Thousand Reds said...

But the past is important... Actions made in the past defines your future...

nick axel said...

what about the experience of memory?

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