Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Indecrapdence Day!

Let's get serious for a bit:

Dead Serious

Yesterday I was driving home fresh out of a furry orgy at some guy's house, when out of the side-walks a masked vigilante dressed in green ran into the street! I quickly swerved to avoid the man and as I glanced into my rear-view mirror I saw him pick up a paper from the street and dodge oncoming traffic back to the pavement.

If you don't live in Lebanon or if you're totally oblivious, or if you've lost the use of your eyes, I'm talking about the workers for the Sukleen company who make sure that our country is clean and that we look good.

The real patriots

Not only do they have to wear the most ridiculous costumes which make them look like the French foreign legion, but they sit on garbage trucks all day breathing the fumes with no discernible protective gear and no health insurance as far as I know.

They receive minimum wage which is about 500 dollars a month and they are treated as non-persons by the community they serve. The fact is that the Lebanese are not getting cleaner, these guys are just getting better at cleaning our messes.

A few days ago was Lebanese independence day, and after the masses of Lebanese went outside to declare their pride in being citizens (guess who wasn't with them), the streets were left in a flood of litter and garbage. You can guess who cleaned up after them.

We don't deserve the Lebanese Citizenship! At least these people work their asses off, and have more motivation and job dedication than any Lebanese person I know (how many of you would risk your life to pick up a snickers wrapper in the middle of the high-way) Lebanon is built on their backs, and we treat them like garbage!

And what really twists my nipples even more is that some Lebanese people have the audacity to say that They should be thankful to us! Why? Because we are creating jobs by being filthy! Well, that's as retarded as saying that we should get people to wipe our asses for us to create more jobs! (more on that in another post)

So on the occasion of Lebanese indecrapdence please remember those who make it possible for you to exist, and who save you from wallowing in your own filth.



Anonymous said...

I heard from an inside source that Sukleen is going to change its name next year >_>

Maya said...

amazing post luke!! the issue you're tackling is very serious, i'm glad you brought it up and i totally agree with you. but the way you tell it, i still can't stop laughing :) love your style of story-telling!!

Yasmina said...

*so proud* you tell'em luke!

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