Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lukewarm is sick

Sorry for the lag. I've been busier than Obama in  a bullet dodging contest held by Glen Beck.

I'm coming down with something wicked. My head hurts, my eyes are heavy, I have blurry vision and my ears are on fire. (That last part was done intentionally).

Most people would look on this situation with pessimism but not me!

I realize that I've been granted a golden opportunity to get thinner!

 I miss you penis :(

I'm officially going into hibernation for the day. Too bad  I will miss Maya Zankouls visit to AUB but I've been long due in reuniting with my nether regions.

So dear reader, after finishing my last cup of warm goat blood, I bid you adieu for at least a day.


Maya said...

Oh salemtak :)
Would've liked to meet u though... Get well soon!!

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