Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yasmina is Tired

I'm here, but not really here.
Keeping this blog alive is turning out a more arduous task than I had initially envisioned, turns out its not so easy to produce something one thinks is of meaning that often.
I've started another blog, where I just post pictures, things I'm doing for my courses, things I look at and I want to remember, bref, a visual summary of my thought process for the day, and that is so much easier. It turns out there are hundreds of sites designed to allow you to look at information, or articles, or products, or ideas being put out there, or whatever you want to call it, to like the things you look at, reblog them, save them, or keep them somewhere safe where the rain, the sun and the bombs won't harm them, aka the virtual space of the web. This means that everyday you could spend hours just browsing through a countless list of websites, other people's saved items, other peoples posted items, etc etc etc...
But then what I'm wondering is, ok we're in the age of information, ( Ha! Blake thought they were in the age of information in 1800 ) and we have all these resources and all these technological tools and all the access to them and more than enough food for thought, or is that what we're meant to believe? Sure we look at this stuff everyday and keep it and absorb it and rape it and whatever, but what are we really learning in the end? When there's so much coming into our brain what percentage of it is really sticking? and anyway when there's so much of it out there, what kind of value does it have anymore?
Before the web and the internet and connectivity and sharing information, there were books, there were thinkers, there were paintings, and there was the world out there and that was already much more than anyone could ever fully absorb in one lifetime, but at least it seemed finite, accessible, or at least there was an agreement on what was valuable enough to learn and look at and what wasn't. Today it seems to me that there's been so much added to this pool of "knowledge" but without any censorship, that I'm not sure anymore, whether our age of "information" is really about information, or just the pretense of it.


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