Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn something, Read this.

You know they say you learn something new every day.

That is just fucking retarded.

Anyway I have something new for you to learn today, but before starting I must warn you:

The following post refers to Japanese Language, immediate exposure might have side effects including but not limited to, low self esteem, suicidal urges, homicidal urges, genocidal urges, and that burning feeling you get when you pee.

Remember when you were first learning your ABC’s? That shit was challenging. you’d think you got a hold of those bastards, then you get to J and fuck it up and have to start all over again. Then when you get it right, you find that you forgot how to do the Q part again. Motherfucker!

But with practice we all almost all can now recite our alphabets in proper order, some fuckers can even do it backward! Hell some people can even do the Arabic ones.

Well today I come bearing news of something that I expect will shatter all your assumptions about how talented and special you think you are. The shit you got down is fucking child’s play, it’s fucking worthless! You’re smug ass looks like this guy right about now:

I havn’t told you why you suck and you’re already getting that sinking feeling that nobody loves you.

If you knew that the Japanese didn’t have a written form of their language and that they had to borrow it from the Chinese you would probably think that they were some kind of fucking retard race or something. Those fuckers only wrote their shit in like 700A.D. or some shit.

Well they made up for lost time like a 60 year old man who just got out of prison.

The Japanese Alphabet has more than 10,000 formal characters, and about 70,000 informal ones.

The average Japanese kid has to learn 1,956 motherfucking letters. Wait up a second. Let me run that by you again in case you missed it. 1,956 ass-raping letters! Do you know how many letters you learnt? … Twenty fucking six! If I were you I would go die in a fucking hole where no one could see me.

A gift to nuns courtesy of the vault:

Today you get an extra tool. An essential instrument for understanding Japanese culture, enjoy this gift:


Rita El-Haddad said...


I tried the translation thing! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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