Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Musical Ass

I spend a lot of time on the internet. As a result I often have a myriad of useless facts that will in no way come up in conversation or enrich my social experience. Today I will share one of these findings with you because it is of such a nature that keeping it to myself would be a sin.

I present to you Joseph Pujol:

Also known as le fartiste, and le petomane.

I generally look down upon anything French in nature as a product of cheese-eating surrender monkeys. But this guy's genius and talent is of a sort that would incline me to disregard his unfortunate origin.

He plays the flute with his ass, and can make various noises with his instrument. Check his story on Wikipedia.

If you watched the entire four minutes of this video, I suggest you get a hobby, or even better yet, get laid.

Below is a completely unrelated picture of a man shitting himself whilst running a marathon. Extra points for the look on the crowds face. Man that guy's life must suck.


Hanzala said...

LOOL..this is so you man!!
he reminds me of Terrence and Philip from south park!hahha
i love ur post man, really funny and useless!

Rita El-Haddad said...

Oh the poor man...

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