Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finga Lickin Good!

As I pulled up to the drive-through at Burger King today, one of the employees was picking up cigarette butts and shredded paper from next to the order window. He had one hand wrapped in a bandage, and was quietly going about his task. This forced the cars to stop a bit further away from the window than they usually would, but still this did not phase him from doing his job.

It was a very sad sight, he was using those long pronged stick things with crabby hands and he was picking the pieces of paper up and putting them in his other bandaged hand for lack of a bag. He handed the litter with his bare hands to the guy on the window, and he in turn took them and threw them away. I thought about the hygiene implications of this act, but as the burger I was getting was for my brother I decided it was ok. I remembered when I used to be in a demeaning low pay job, it sucked donkey balls, and this memory made me sad, so as I approached the window I thought I'd make myself feel better.

L: (pulls up to window in brand new shiny car narrowly avoiding the employee) Hey, how's your day going so far?
E(employee): How does it look like
L: Looks like it's pretty shitty to me. *smiling*

E: Yeah it's been a long day
L: Hehe, you're life must suck big time huh
E: Fuck you
L: Hehehe*laughs harder*, how much do you get paid, like 2 dollars an hour, man you're pathetic
E: leave me alone!
L: HAHAHA *boisterous loud laughter* dude that's so fucking weak, you must be like totally poor or some shit
E: (Lips starts trembling and eyes water, this fills me with great satisfaction)

L: You know I used to work in a job just like yours
E: Really! (hope flashes across his face)
L: Yeah. Fuck I remember when I used to work for nothing, It was horrible
E: So how did you make it, do you think I have a chance of getting out of here
L: *laughs heartily* Oh no no, you're stuck like a cripple in a wheel-chair my friend (I say as I wipe tears of joy from my eyes)
L: I got my money when my rich uncle died, I'll never have to work again.
E: (puts head into window) Where is this guy's order already! (voice cracking with heartbreaking sadness)
L: Yep, I know your type, big dreams and shit, *smiles smugly* you all end up poor and alone begging for scraps of bed. :) *ahahahahahhahahahah*

E: (Gives me my order with tears in his eyes)
L: Well I'll be off to enjoy my gourmet meal at my spacious home (hands him 1thou tip which he accepts with shame), Say hi to your mother for me, I'll see her later tonight. (drives of laughing heartily and disappears into traffic leaving the boy behind him choking on the dust from his gold-plated rims as bitter tears run down his eyes)

Oh yeah! I gotta go to this chain more often.



Ziz said...

Lukewarm I am your father.

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oh god... :p

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