Friday, October 02, 2009

Are you going to finish that?

Don't you guys just hate it when you eat something that's bad and you only realize it after you've taken a couple of bites, and the taste is already entrenched in your mouth!

Most of us are actually put off by rotting mouldy food unless you're French or any subset of the Frenchie variety. In that case feel free to stuff your francophone loving cheeks with all the fungus and mouldy cheese your weak surrendering asses can handle!

Hon Hon! Delicieuse!

But the rest of us would be more than happy living the rest of our lives without ever encountering another mould covered food product ever! Unless it's situated next to an incredibly attractive model, or just a plain looking model, hell any kind will do, preferably of the tied up variety.

Moving on though I recently read an article on the amount of insect and rat shit allowed in the average food product. Obviously it'll never be the way mom used to make'em but I'm glad to know the FDA is trying hard to preserve that special rat dropping taste that makes bacon sandwiches so appealing.

Makes you wonder about a lot of the stuff that we're eating. Could it be that Mcdonalds is not really using the "best quality beef" available. What if  McDonald's meat was actually 0.02% Mexican hands! Holy Cow!

meh who am I kidding we all know they have our interests in mind.


You may have noticed that the last two posts have been extremely mild but I'm happy to inform you that Sober September is OVER!!! Hell Yes! back to inserting inappropriate swear words! And I think I've calibrated how intoxicated I need to be for my creative process! A milestone for any aspiring writer! It's more than two bottle of beer but less than half a bottle of Vodka! Sweet!



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