Monday, October 19, 2009

Lukewarm goes to Azaryeh

I went to get a copyright for my upcoming book. I was told that the department of intellectual property was in the Azaryeh building downtown.

Me: So is this where I can copy-right my book.
Her: yes this is the place. So do you want to register the name or the content.
Me: I want to register the name please
Her:  I recommend you register the content too.
Me: Is that necessary
Her: I know this one guy who worked 5 years to finish an encyclopaedia and when he published it he only copyrighted the name and some dude photocopied it and sold it for 70,000.
Me: Ha! What an idiot
Her: So I'm going to need three copies of everything.
Me: Here you go (Drops huge manuscript on desk)
Her: (She starts sorting through the pages,)
Me: So I noticed you have red hair, you a natural red head? ;)
Her: (flips to page with a picture of an underage child) Um what is this?
Me: It's a picture of a 5 year old in handcuffs. So about that hair colour, cause you know you would look great in my book.
Her: ...
Me: don't worry his parents were right there next to him (I point at another picture with 2 bloody bodies next to the child)
Her: um this will have to go through the censors office.(she starts shifting in her seat uncomfortably, this naturally turns me on)
Me: Yeah that's cool. So what do you say, are you interested?
Her: (Opening to another page) this one's date is from today
Me: yeah, that girl is still tied to my bed... Don't worry I can get rid of her and fit you in for 8pm.
Her: I think it's best if we just ...
Me: Splendid lets meet up tonight.
Her: (Pauses, breathes, sighs and continues) so what is the name of the book
Me: I was thinking " thirty five year olds"
Her: (Checks the system) ok that's available
Me: great
Her: Right. Ok just leave me your number and we'll contact you in a few days.
Me: How about you leave me your number ;)
Me: (I write down my number and slide it to her) I'll just meet up with you after work then.

This book is going to be awesome!
Oh and turns out she wasn't a natural red-head, what a waste of piano wire!



Maya said...

Funny! :D What is your book going to be about? I'm curious!!

lukewarm said...

It's a booklet for tourists.I'm helping a local scout group with it.

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