Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucky Number Seven

Mother of God!

When I heard the news today I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course I immediately realized how preposterous this was, knowing that with the things I'd done I was definitely going to hell.

Shortly after resolving their differences Satan and the long haired white guy join powers to kick our ass.

In order to commemorate the release of Windows 7, Burger King Japan has released a 7 patty Burger!

This cow in between bread costs a mere $8.5 and is certified by experts to contain 8 times the usual amount of baby calf angst. Delicious!

Efforts to contact Japan by BazellaWriz in order to acquire this divine gift have resulted in failure, reports claim that the entire population of Japan has been devastated and now lies in a sleepy satisfied stupor.

In other news the recent beef shortage shows no sign of letting up.


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