Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day, yeah!

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic of the year is Climate Change. I've previously posted something which tangentially had to do with climate change. And if none of you have noticed yet, this thing is as real as the emptiness in your soul.

I would recommend you check all Lebanese blogs linked here and to check the blogosphere in general.

To see what blogs are participating check out this link.

Many people are under the delusion that what they do does not make a difference. The truth is it does, otherwise we could just kill you and no one would notice, but existentialism aside, every person can contribute to preventing climate change.

On the other hand If you're interested in fomenting it well then you can do that too, but it will probably be a very lonely and horrible earth that you will live in, one where small island nations cease to exist, extreme weather conditions dominate the earth, and the human species dwindles down to just a few million individuals. Come to think of it that does sound pretty awesome.

BUT! it would only be awesome if we did it on purpose. To think that some pathetic natural phenomenon would be the result of our demise sickens me to my core. I implore all of you to do your part to keep climate change at bay until some mad scientist/evil villain appears to wipe out the human race. That is our destiny!

I will leave you with a special version of the vault for this special event.


The Horrors of Global Warming



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