Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oooh baby! O_o

Today was one of those days when everything seemed to slow down to a painful crawling pace. Traffic was congested, work took forever, the internet was extra slow, and I spent 30 minutes in the bathroom working out last night's cheese pizza. It was like the clock reverted to Jupiter time, except it was earth and your father left when you were three leaving you with an emotionally abusive mother who blames you for how crappy her life is.

yees stay still while I break your back!

Moving on however some time between filing another data entry sheet, and daydreaming about what my boss would look like in a pantless ape suit, I stumbled upon this gem of an article. Let's take a look shall we:

So the gist of it is, this guy pretends he has a retarded brother who needs to wear diapers and be taken care of except he is his brother and he is not retarded (not in that way at least). He just loves wearing diapers and being taken care of.

Pictured above: What will haunt you in your dreams tonight

Where do we keep coming up with these weird fetishes. I mean before this I knew of a fetish where guys liked to look at girls in diapers but not wear them themselves. The internet has never let me down on these things, it's just way bigger than the scope of my creativity, I can't seem to understand it! That is why the internet is God!!

Actually in retrospect, I can see why this fetish is particularly appealing. I mean what's better than wearing diapers and being taken care of all day without having to do anything yourself. Hell this man may have been charged with a fine, but I think it's inspiring that in this day and age there is still someone who knows what they want and is not afraid of going out and getting it!

It's a confusing world out there with choice explosion. In this blog post alone I've just covered 6 different topics and any way you look at it that's bad writing! So I say screw society! Find your fetish and go for it! You bunch of crazies!

Now excuse me while I go search for a yellow diving suit and a bucket of powdered milk.

Vault: rule 34 of the internet: If it exists there is porn of it. No Exceptions


Maya said...

Luke, hope your day is going better! There really are weird things in this world! I really like your writing style and the sarcasm in it. I enjoy reading your blog posts, keep it up! :-)

lukewarm said...

Maya, You just made my day :)

Anonymous said...


EvilDead said...

^ Anonymous up there needs to get laid, His under-used clitoris is showing.

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