Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What the Hell Nature!

What would warrant two posts in the same day! The weather, and i wanted to leave you with a vault picture.

It's raining outside. Well now it stopped I think but before that it was pouring like hell. I was thinking of writing a post about how I remember October being cold, and for the last few years it wasn't getting cold till November.

Well it's clear that the weather is changing, slowly yet surely. This isn't Europe, our seasons don't mix, summer is summer, and winter is winter. This wishy washy crap is only for that hippy climate on that hippy continent.

Well not anymore I guess. Coming home the water had nowhere to go, because all the drainage holes were clogged with garbage, so a huge puddle of water collected on the crossing coming to where I live. A puddle so big it could have engulfed my car. Apparently someone in a Mercedes ML was speeding along hit that "puddle" and trashed their car. I'm not sure if anyone was hurt but I heard a girl screaming "my baby, my baby" across the street. I think she wasn't talking about the car. Anyway the effects of global warming are real and we're past the point where we can stop or avoid it. As one dude in that lecture once said, "the changing climate threatens the very existence of the human race, if we survive, know for sure that what will come will be a radically different society than the one we have now." Well let's hope some of us make the transition, because this guy was talking about something happening as early as 2050.

here is a link to a really cool article on how we're going to get screwed.


on which side do you stand!


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