Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Look What I found

Sorry for the delayed update.
I'm currently blogging from the AUB Libraries. The good news, we aren't banned here, and all non-summer students have regained access to internet! The bad news, I have no access to the vault, and the keyboard on this computer is sticky.

Anyway, moving on, today I bring you news from the internet, and a bit of info about Lebanon.

I stumbled upon this little jewel (pun intended) thinking it was a joke.

Turns out it's real, it's a search site that lets you find famous (and maybe soon all) Jews alive and dead.

I'm having trouble imagining the person who came up with this venture. S/he is either maniacally diabolical or pitifully clueless.

Pretty soon this is going to be the favourite tool used by terrorists in locating possible targets.

I also expect it to be a mainstay in anti-jewish homes the world over.

Yeees, seek them out! Find the Jews!

Many a friendly neighbour will be lost to this. And even worse what if time-traveling Nazis got a hold of this! I know I know you're thinking, "but Lukewarm that's highly improbable!" Well then you clearly haven't seen this!

Well that's it for my mindless rambling, man this AUB setting really ruins mental flow.

Since I have no access to the vault i'll leave you with this job-search information which I have come to realize.

As of last year in October the minimum wage is now 500,000 L.L. per month. Since the legal working week has 48 hours and a month has about 4 weeks This means that the minimum wage per hour is 2,600 l.l. !

So I guess those Spinneys interviewers were right. Guess I owe them an apology... and some teeth.


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