Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things to do In Lebanon

I'm going to New York in a few days, and I've been thinking a lot about things to see and do in New York. And then I started thinking about Lebanon, and how much there is to do here, and places that tourists never get to know and see. There is so much richness and difference in Lebanon, that amazes me, and I wish I could show everyone.
So here is my personal Lebanon to do/see list. 

1- Joun : Where I'm from
A little village in the Chouf, with a beautiful view of the sea, gorgeous grassy plains along the road, and its very own famous ruins, the tomb of Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope, a british heiress of the 18th century, who is remembered by history as an "intrepid traveller".

2- Baskinta : My beautiful Site 
A gorgeous clearing after a dense pine forest, surrounded by the Sannine mountains, facing the sea. 

3- Riyyaa' : The Forgotten Past
An abandoned train in the midst of the Bekaa Valley, rusted tracks and a hanted house.

These are my three selections for today.
Tomorrow: Tripoli, Tyre and Byblos. 


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