Saturday, September 26, 2009

You can Microwave Hot Dogs!

I just found out an hour ago that hot dogs are microwavable! How crazy is that! All those years of waiting for those hot dogs to boil, only to find out that you can just drop'em on your plate and stick'em in the microwave for a minute. I also found out a few minutes ago that these hot dogs are just as deliciously tasty! Yeah!

Hot dogs! So damn awesome

So on another note, I just came back from a potential job interview. Everything went well, but I really didn't connect with the person doing the interviewing. Things just seemed to spiral down hill after I told him about the blog.

A: So I see here on your resume that you write in a blog! What kind of blog is it?
L: Oh umm.. you know... it's ... I find weird websites and share them with the world.
A: right.
L: (casually) yeah I just do it for fun
A: hey could you stop peeing in the plant pot it's really distracting
L: (shakes final drop) Yep alll done :)
You know if you can't brag about something in an interview it's best not to put it on your resume. I left with a card up my sleeve though, when he sees how lovely his tomatoes are coming in he's sure to hire me then! I'm thinking for future interviews, I'll just pass Maya's Amalgam blog off as mine. Pseudonyms are awesome.



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