Friday, September 11, 2009

Look what I found (2)

Before starting let me just clarify a few things that the uninitiated have been wondering about.

1. The change in blog colour was due to the change in season. Colour changes 4 times a year per Lebanese season switches.
2. For those who come here expecting food recipes, we don't do that kind of thing
3. There are two main bloggers in this blog, some of you may have not picked up on this despite the subtle style variations, but you can tell which post is for whom by going to the bottom of the post and seeing the "posted by" label. And by the fact that I have a Penis! (heyo!)

Now let's move on shall we:


This September!
From the people that brought you Jewogle!
Comes a brand new website from the very depths of the internet.

A website dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive collection of celebrity feet!

What makes this site really stand out is the feet rating system. If you're anything like us (and we have no reason to assume you're not) You don't want to waste your precious internet time looking at mediocre feet. So it helps to know what the rest of the feet community think about this particular celebrity.

This tool is essential if you don't want to run across any tasteless soles while browsing feet heaven. (Is dat some punz?)

Check out the piggly wigglies on that one! Vavoom!

Incidentally all the pictures seem to be of female celebrities... hmmm

Man I wish they'd mover her boobs, face and ass out of the picture, oh and the bathtub

I was thinking of finishing off with a joke about how they wouldn't mind living in places with intense hijab enforcement, but I decided not to go there again.

After browsing the net for a bit I am actually now a big fan of foot fetish, I have been converted and can see the appeal in it. All the sensuality of the female figure fit into the bare arch from toe to ankle.

Incidentally all the foot fetish porn sites are also exclusively of female feet... hmmm

Excuse me while I go stare at the baby botte ad outside my flat. Later.



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