Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paying respect to others

We've been having a pretty good run on this blog, and even though we like to think that we're the foremost Lebanese blog, the truth is that there is a whole society of Lebanese bloggers out there. If you want to see a pretty comprehensive list go to lebanonaggregator where they are also featuring a blog everyday, but if you want me to weed the best ones out for you check out the links below. I'll also add some of my favourite non-Lebanese blogs and comics as well.

Disclaimer: These are only the blogs I know about and there are probably dozens more out there that I have neglected to mention.

The Political:

Some of you who have no interest in politics may want to skip on this category but I feel that the blogs listed here have clarity and rationality and are honest which is why I really enjoy reading them:

Qifanabki: This blog is actually multifaceted, it contains the qonion satirical pieces which you can see in the links section to the right, but it also more often deals with things seriously and raises some very good questions. An added bonus is that the blogger has a good sense of humour, and as a result makes the dry issues more bearable to read.

Ziad Majed: Ziad Majed is currently doing his PHD in science po in france. Putting aside my reservations on the country he is blogging from, Majed is one of the foremost thinkers on the political situation in Lebanon. Now I won't say I agree with everything he has to say, but he puts things nicely and in an orderly way, and despite being within the March 14 camp, has incisive comments about the Lebanese political scene. His blog is in Arabic.

Hanzala: This blog deals more with the issue of Palestine, but also covers some cool material on Lebanon. It hasn't been updated for a while but it's not a dead blog.  It often has really cool links, like the ones I find but not so much bizarre as sad.

Israel Palestine uncensored: A non-Lebanese blog by the If Americans Knew website, this blog updates frequently and has realtime stories from Palestine. The website itself is a great resource for any Lebanese interested in the question of Palestine.

Blogging the Casbah:  A blog by 3(i think) journalists blogging from Palestine and Israel. I like it.

The Interesting:

Lebanese Inner Circle: This blog used to update daily, but has recently seen a slow down for some reason. It's a goldmine of a place, with frequent updates, all of which seem to be insider tips and news about what's going on in Lebanon today. This blog should be in every Lebanese's arsenal of information sources, right next to Bazella W riz. Bonus: You can send them any story you find and they will post it!

Boing Boing: For the internet junkie, this blog updates multiple times a day, and each update is some fascinating tidbit of art/science/technology. Not Lebanese.

Blogging Beirut: Arguably the greatest lebanese blog out there. Blogging beirut was featured on CNN and BBC during the 2006 war. Organizers of the "I heart Beirut" sticker campaign and the "I heart Jemmayzeh" Sticker campaign as well. One of the bloggers went to the same school I did, although he is a bit older than me. This blog doesn't go into nonsense politics and such, it is a great source for the latest on great events happening in Lebanon and has other interesting titbits. Another essential blog to keep on your list.

Beirut NTSC: Another cool blog, this blog fulfils my desires of seeing a blog that deals with Lebanese ads. Many of the posts seem to deal with this phenomenon, but it also has interesting commentary on Lebanon in general.

+961:  Intersting blog with an author who consistently comes up with interesting ideas.

TED: lectures which brings a bunch of genii together sticks them in a room and then waits to see what happens. Friggin swait!

Half&Half: I honestly still don't know if I like this blog yet, it's by a Lebanese American living here and her perceptions of the region. It has some cool insights from a foreigners perspective, but I have yet to decide if I really like it. I'll let you decide.

The Fun :)

Maya's Amalgam: My favourite Lebanese blog. This girl is amazing and so is her blog.  Check the link. Then tell her I sent you.

Hummus Nation: This hillarious blog is a gem of satirical news updates. I think it updates daily, as funny as watching a crippled kid fall down an up escalator, forever.

Funnycrave: This website is a great place to go if you're bored, interesting articles, not for the slow of bandwidth though.

LifeGeeked: Just weird Lebanese IT geeks,

The Onion: CNN's lighter side, not to be confused with the Qnion which is just as awesome.

The Artsy fartsy:

Since the artistic half of this blog is away at the moment, I'll try to fill in the gaps. I don't even know why I have these.

(BLIP): Lebanese Artsy Fartsy Photography Blog

Green Pipes: Lebanese Artsy Fartsy Illustrations Blog

Hanane Kai's Blog: Lebanese Artsy Fartsy Self Blog

Arabic Type Design: Lebanese Artsy Fartsy Font Blog... (Seriously?)

The Comics (Not Lebanese) (BUY SAMANDAL!)
I'm going to introduce you to the marvellous addictive world of webcomics. Enter at your own risk.

The Noob Comic: A comic for WOW players and general gamers. Slow updates.

Zoology: Family friendly yet funny comic. About Sheep and monkeys in a zoo.  No bestiality in this one.

joegp: in an alternate universe hamsters have mastered space travel. slow updates

Oglaf: Adult comics which are more funny than erotic.

XKCD: The webcomic Gods. You'll know em once u see em.

SMBC: My favourite webcomic of all time.

Cyanide and Happiness: Webcomic demi-gods.Also another internet celebrity.

Starslip crisis: I really like this webcomic, it's more story line than punch line based though.

PHD: A must have for all University graduate students.

White Ninja: Second Favourite sick comic.

If you want more go to Lebanon Aggregator or follow the links in the blogs themselves. I'll be adding all of these to the links section to the right later for easy reference. Also don't worry I wanted to make a post like this for some time now, it's not going to be the norm and we'll be back to asinine unfunny funny soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey Luke (and Yasmina), thanks so much for your comment, and for the lovely paragraph you wrote about my blog. It means so much to me, and I actually love the selection you just made, it contains my favourites! I see your blog is still relatively new, but i love the name and what i've seen so far. Keep it up, I'll be following! :-)

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