Thursday, September 03, 2009

New song by Shakira not about transvestites.. probably

When I heard Shakira's new song "She Wolf" on the Radio I could immediately tell that the video to this song was going to give my libido an intense workout. Knowing her past flirtation with bestiality I was expecting her to outdo herself!

And boy was I disappointed!

She could've done a lot more with the she-wolf concept, although the skin coloured suit was a nice touch and all that panting made for a really sexual song, unfortunately there was no real Woman/Wolf contact. It left me wanting more and not in a good way.

Maybe she needs to look back and take some lessons from Christina Aguilera.

Real Skin Suit! Brilliant!

I've embedded the video for your enjoyment. But I really feel that if a singer wants to pull of the whole sexual enticement thing they really have to sell it. Shakira left me feeling cold and completely unbonerfied, well maybe half mast.

Although other people thought otherwise, a comment left on the youtube track for the song is all the review you need:

"kalaga80 (20 minutes ago) Show Hide
I'm masturbating 4 time whenever I watch this video clip.."

On an unrelated note, since google purchased youtube the company has totally shaped up and the only videos found on the site are ones that are legal, more commonly known as boring. There is now an entire department looking through every video to make sure that no copyright infringement occurs. If you're looking for good videos, music, or some family guy clips the place to go is dailymotion.



Anonymous said...

the song is horrible

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