Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sad September post

Well seems like I'll be using swear free September for more non-canon posting, though this time I'm not so sober.

This is going to be a sad post. So I want the two viewers from the Maldives to stay behind. The rest of you can go ahead and scroll down to see the vault picture.

This post is linked to one I made before.

I had to say good-bye to a good friend today. One of the last few remaining in Lebanon. She was going on to a better life, one where I have aspired to follow, a place where there are muggings, soup kitchens, and general degeneracy.

I am not an emotional person. Bambi left me too scarred to feel anything after I turned 5, But saying good-bye today, and checking off another one from the list, I was a little moved.

Mother? Mooother!

... noo0o!

The only person who ever loved me is dead. I am alone and helpless in a cruel uncaring world. I'm so lonely. I feel cold and afraid :'(

I knew that inevitably we would never be friends like we were again. We would drift apart, stop telling each other about our lives, and then have awkward short lived reunion orgies.

Sadly bidding farewell to someone who is leaving for a long time is equivalent to losing the bond you have.

You'll never hear stories of sexual conquest, never be there to watch them turn to nervous pathetic wrecks, never get to watch them cry bitterly over their latest abortion, all these moments... forever lost.

This post is in memory of all those ties lost to travel and the pursuit of better lives. Thank you for helping us make room for new better friends.

Gets me every time. Damn you Disney!!

Vault: Two to get over the video you just watched


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